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Welcome to Year 2!

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Welcome to Year 2!

We are looking forward to a very exciting year ahead where we will cover the following topics...

  • Made in Cumbria
  • Fire
  • Towers, Turrets and Tunnels
  • Titanic
  • Sensational Safari
  • Land Ahoy!

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 Here are some photographs of our classrooms.

Sensational Safari

This half term our topic is 'Sensational Safari'. We started out topic by going on our own Safari adventure to Tanzania! We dressed as explorers and kept a look out for all of the different animals.

Weekly blog post!


Summer 2 Week 3

Wow what a busy week! We have begun preparing for our leaver's service and are enjoying learning the different songs. In science, we focused on a meerkat's microhabitat! We couldn't believe how far down they burrow. Luckily this week the weather has been warm because in maths we learnt how to use and read a thermometer!

Summer 2 Week 2

This week, we have been continuing our exciting Safari work and are beginning to plan a recount of our 'trip'. Every Thursday, we now go swimming at Wigton Swimming Baths. We had an amazing time and can't wait to go back next week!

Summer 2 Week 1

We started off our exciting new topic this week - Sensational Safari! We dressed as explorers and flew to Tanzania on a safari visit! Ok.. we didn't really visit Tanzania but it was amazing nonetheless! In maths we continued recapping how to tell the time and began to focus on different habitats in science. Exciting!

Summer 1 Week 6

 A super busy week focusing on the Queen's Jubilee! We sketched portraits of the Queen, made pop art style pictures, fact files and to finish off we had a garden party on Friday! We made delicious, healthy fruit skewers to enjoy. At the end of the day, we sang a jubilee celebration song to all of our grown ups!

Summer 1 Week 5

In music this half term we have been looking at Friendship songs and we have learnt our own friendship song with actions and movements, we have also began looking at a jubilee song to sing next week about the Queen and her achievement of the longest reigning monarch. We started to look at mono-printing to make our own shield, we looked at family crests and what all of our crests look like, We then designed our family crest and our mono-printing to print it onto our shield next week. 

Summer 1 Week 4

More special teacher quizzes means more fun outside of the classroom, including having a party on Friday afternoon to celebrate finishing the quizzes! We are very excited for our school trip next Friday to Carlisle Castle and we have been learning all about the vocabulary we need to know about castles. 

Summer 1 Week 3

In Year 2 this week the children started our very special teacher quizzes, when they weren't taking part in the quiz the children re-wrote the story of 'The Very Last Castle' adding extra detail and giving the reader more information about the castle and the characters in the story. We took part in some very fun forest school sessions, PE practising throwing javelins and art. 

Summer 1 Week 2

 We looked at the main character in the book we are looking at in English and started a character profile about her characteristics and her mannerisms. The children enjoyed looking at Ibb and what they thought were important parts of her character that helped the story. In Forest school this week Hazel class worked hard on the PLACE project garden in phoenix park and Maple class helped Mr Norman with the preparation for the big plant. 

Summer 1 Week 1

This term we are looking at the topic Castles, we began this topic in Science as we looked at a question which we plan to investigate throughout the half term 'What material is the best to build a castle to ensure it is stable and safe from invasion?' We looked at a range of materials and castles from the past and discussed the different materials used, we then predicted which material we thought would be best for building a castle. Maple class began their art project looking the technique of pointillism on castle pictures. In English we began our new book called 'The Very Last Castle' we enjoyed looking at the book and started thinking about what might happen in the story.  



Spring 2 Week 5

 On Wednesday this week we had Maths Day! We concentrated on measuring fluid in ml and l. We used some different recipes to create pirate grog. Using yellow paint to make lemon juice, brown paint for rum and glitter for a sprinkle of nutmeg. The children enjoyed measuring the water and creating different drinks that pirates would love. Then on Thursday we had a special visitor from Cumbria Cricket come into school and teach us some skills for cricket. Fraser helped us with throwing and batting and then pointed us in the right direction to join Wigton Cricket Club. On Friday in Science we focussed on our heart rates and how they changed when doing exercise. We made predictions about what we thought would happen to our hearts when doing exercise then tested it to see if we are right. 

Spring 2 Week 4

  Science Week! This week was very exciting in Year 2, we spent a full week learning about growth in science.

Monday - we watched an NFU live lesson on lifecycles on the farm, we were lucky to catch a sheep giving birth to a lamb and a Belted Galloway gave birth to a calf. We learnt about how the calf should be born correctly and how the mothers bond with their new born.

Tuesday - Silverband Bird Sanctuary came to school to show us a variety of birds and how they are looked after and the food they eat. We all were able to hold the small Eurasion Eagle Owl and we watched a Hawk, Barn Owl and Buzzard fly across the school grounds.

Wednesday - was a wet and windy day but we ventured outside to the forest school garden to build a bug hotel, we used pallets, bricks, pipes, leaves, moss and twigs to make a perfect living environment for them. 

Thursday - was an investigation day, we looked at 5 different questions that we needed to predict what the answer may be and then test before speaking about our results. One of the questions was 'Do smaller children have smaller hands?' we found that no, smaller children don't have smaller hands. 

Friday - We walked across to Inglewood care home with our hand made puppets and sang some pirate songs for the residents there. 

Spring 2 Week 3

 We began making our pirate puppets this week in school, we had to cut out the templates and begin to sew them together before adding clothes and accessories to them. We had an exciting assembly on Tuesday morning in with Tullie House looking at habitats in Cumbria and the local animals that live in them. We have been learning about fractions in maths this week and have learnt about halving and quartering. 

Spring 2 Week 2

 On Thursday we celebrated World Book Day, throughout the day we looked at 3 different authors that have had challenges of their own to become authors and writing their own books. To begin the day we looked at Stephen Hawking we thought about his quotes and what they mean to use and how we can use them in our lives. The next author we looked at was Helen Keller, she was blind and deaf and managed to create her own method of communication with her friend. We put on blindfolds and ear defenders and tried to communicate with our friends like Helen. The last author we looked at was Ashley Bryan he had a very challenging childhood growing up in America and the children found the differences between them and him very interesting. 

Spring 2 Week 1 

 LAND AHOY! Our topic for this half term is focused around Pirates, the children have got very excited about the topics and have thought of some fantastic questions that they would love to find the answers to such as, why do they sail the seas? Where are they from? Do they still exist? It is going to be exciting find out the answers. This wee we also had 7 gymnasts go to Working Leisure Centre for a Key Steps gymnastic competition, they all did brilliantly and we came third!! Science this half term is all about Animals including Humans and this week we looked at young animals and their adults and how some look similar and some don't, it was interesting to compare Snowball and Nibbles the hamsters to what they were like when they were born. 

Spring 1 Week 6 

The last week of term has been very full and hectic, Maple class had their final forest school this week with Sarah from Cumbria Outdoors they made outdoor pizzas using natural ingredients from the environment such as stone, twigs and leaves. We began posh writing our Samson Journey pieces and the children tried extremely hard to ensure their handwriting was beautiful and they presented their work perfectly. 

Spring 1 Week 5 

We got pet hamsters, Miss Hamblet's hamster is called Nibbles and is brown and black and Miss Westgarth's is called Snowball white and grey! They both live in the classroom's all week and as a class we have learnt how to look after them and what they need to survive. Each school holidays the hamster will go to a different child's house to be looked after! The hamsters are Russian Dwarf hamsters and they are 8 week old sisters. 

Spring 1 Week 4

This week in Science we made our own fat balls to feed birds when the weather becomes worse and the birds can't find their own food, we are then going to take part in the big garden birdwatch later in the month. We have began looking at division and arrays in maths this week and how we group and share the objects to ensure we are answering the questions correctly. 

Spring 1 Week 3

 We have been looking at the book Samson's Journey it is all about a mouse travelling onboard the titanic. We looked at the differences between the classes on the boat and what the differences were between menus, bedrooms, social areas and clothing. In maths we have been learning all about tally charts, block diagrams and pictographs. Making our own and using some data we collected to make a class pictograph of all of our birthdays. 

Spring 1 Week 2

 Hazel Class started their forest school this week. PE this half term is Dance and we are learning the Gay Gordons, a traditional Scottish Reel. We have also been investigating Living Things and Their Habitats in Science, we went and found things outside that are alive, dead or never alive. We had many conversations about how we know this and learnt about MRS GREN for the processes of living things. 

Spring 1 Week 1

 Welcome back to school everybody! It has been a short week back but the children have been excellent with their work in maths, we have been working on grouping to help us with our times tables. Our new topic this term is the Titanic, we have been investigating where the Titanic was built and where it was going and from where. 


Autumn 2 Week 2

 Well, Friday afternoons don't get any better than this! Today (12.11.21) the Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service visited us! They brought along all of their equipment and the fire engine! They taught us all about the different jobs they do, their clothing, the Great Fire of London and even let us spray the hose!

Autumn 2 Week 1

This week we took part in some exciting bonfire night craft activities. We used leaves, glitter and twigs to create firework display pictures!

Autumn 1 Week 6

 Well, this week our weekly blog looks a little different... the most exciting part of our week was walking up Binsey Fell! It was a very windy day but the views were amazing and every single child made it up! We took a photograph of the landscapes we could see and will be drawing the landscapes in school next week! Have a look at the pictures below to see how happy all the children were. 

Autumn 1 Week 5

 In English we began writing our letters to the residents of Inglewood Residential Care Home. We each chose a few questions we would like to ask the residents but specifically focused on asking them where they grew up. We are so excited to hear back from them!

In maths we have been continuing to learn to count in sequences and this week we focused on counting in 3s. We tried to spot the patterns on the 100 square and soon noticed that the 3s numbers follow an odd/even pattern.

In Science we observed the changes in both our sunflower seeds and the cress heads. Some of the sunflower seeds are beginning to germinate and sprout. The cress heads have been much more successful and are growing a couple of millimetres each day!

Autumn 1 Week 4 

This week in English we received a letter from Inglewood Residential Care Home. We will be connecting with Inglewood over the course of the next year and we have been asked to write letters to the residents asking them about their lives as they grew up. How exciting!

In maths we have been comparing numbers using our < > = symbols. We had an exciting lesson where we were able to write on the tables using whiteboard pens!

In Science we observed the changes in our plants and ae very confused as the seeds with both sunlight and water don't seem to be growing at all. We discussed why this could be and decided that we maybe watered the seed a little too much in the beginning. This week we grew cress heads! The cress seeds were very different to the sunflower seeds.

Autumn 1 Week 3 

This week in Year 2 English we have completed our first published pieces of work! We used a purple pen to edit our work and then rewrote it on to posh paper. We focused on a character description based on Peter Rabbit.

In maths we have been focusing on using a part-whole model to partition 2-digit numbers. We also began using a place value grid to recognise the tens and ones digits in a number.

In science we observed the changes in our plants from the week before. We were shocked to see the plant with no water or sunlight had grown the most! We are looking forward to see the changes next week.

Hazel Class have had their final Forest School on Friday with Mia, they were so lucky as they were able to make popcorn on an open fire!

Autumn 1 Week 2 

This week in Year 2 English we have been looking at the Tale of Peter Rabbit very closely concentrating on adjectives to describe the characters thoughts, feelings, appearance and personality. The children had some very exciting words to describe Peter such as cheeky, mischievous and emotional. 

In maths children have been working on place value and the value of the digit in the number using various pieces of equipment to explore this to ensure children master their knowledge in the subject. 

Science on Thursday was an exciting afternoon we set up a comparative test to see what plants need to grow, after planting sunflower seeds, 1 group put their seed in the cupboard under the sink to stop sunlight but they were allowed to water the plant another group put their plant pot under the sink and weren't allowed to give it water. The other 2 groups put their plant in the sunlight and one gave theirs some water whereas the other didn't. We then wrote some predictions about how we thought the plant would grow. 

Hazel Class had forest school on Friday they love having Mia here from Cumbria Outdoors showing them all the great parts of nature. 

The Great Fire of London

This half term, we are learning all about The Great Fire of London. We are focussing on how firefighters have changed since The Great Fire of London. The amazing Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service visited us in school! They explained all of their different job roles, what they have to wear, the different tools they use and we even got a chance to spray the hose! What an amazing afternoon.

Making Fat Balls for the Birds at Wigton Infant School ready for the Big Garden Bird Watch!

Binsey Fell Thursday 14th October 2021

Binsey Fell
Binsey Fell