Wigton Infant School



Mr G Norman

PE/Sports, PSHE leader, and Designated Safeguarding Lead

Teaching Staff

Mrs H Shingler

Mrs D Taylor

Mr J Cartwright

Miss S Parry

Mrs D Coulthard

Miss M Jones

Mrs S  Dawson

Mrs J  Dalgleish

Mrs M Kingston 

Deputy Head Teacher and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Reception and Early Years Lead 

Reception and leader for RE and P4C

Year 1 leader for IT, student placements and Safeguarding Team

Year 1 and leader for Music

Year 1

Year 1/2 and leader for Geography and History

Year 2 and leader for DT 

Year 2 and leader for Assessment and Literacy

Teaching Assistants

Mrs C Sefton

Mrs A Watters 

Miss C Percival

Mrs G Hill 

Miss C Hickman 

Miss G Blackburn

Miss C Swainson 

Mrs F Macgregor

Miss B Jackson



Year 1

Year 1

Year 2

Lead Inclusion Practitioner and Safeguarding Team


Inclusion and Forest School




Mrs L Woodburn

Mrs A Graveson


Midday Supervisors

Miss J Banks

Mrs C Charters

Mrs M Fisher

Mrs T Holden

Mrs S Kirkbride

Miss G Keeler

Lunchtime Activity Leader

Mr S Dowell

Kitchen Staff

Mrs J Jackson 

Mrs S Burns

Miss E Fletcher


Kitchen Assistant

Kitchen Assistant

Cleaning Staff

Mrs C Charters

Miss S Mitchell

Cleaner in charge