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National curriculum

Wigton Infant School Curriculum

The 2014 National Curriculum forms the basis of our Key Stage 1 learning and we adapt and add to this to ensure that our children access a rich and balanced curriculum that equips them for life and the next stage of their learning.  The Reception classes follow a curriculum based on the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

Our classrooms offer a wide and varied selection of resources and activities which allows for a wide range of teaching approaches designed to have the maximum impact on children's learning.  Children can work and play independently developing a wide range of skills,  and the teachers and teaching assistants are given the freedom to work with the whole class, small groups or individuals according to need.  We are also very lucky to have access to our exciting and stimulating school grounds which we are increasingly used to deliver the curriculum in the outdoors.

We plan our work around termly topics as we feel this helps the children to see the links between different subjects and enables them to apply their learning to real life scenarios.  Please follow the links to learn more about the content of each curriculum

 Early Years Curriculum

Year 1 and 2 National Curriculum