Wigton Infant School

PE Sport and Physical Activity

The school day begins with approximately 5-10 minutes of 'Activate' or '5 a day' , programmes designed to promote active minds and bodies. The afternoon begins with a shorter session to get us going again after lunch.

PE in school is very important in helping to increase physical agility and co-ordination, develop concentration and listening skills and build stamina and strength. 

Each class has 2 P.E lessons a week covering different areas of PE with a sport specific focus.

In the Autumn Term 1 we focus on Games including ball skills, striking, kicking and throwing followed by Gymnastics in Autumn Term 2, where we look closely at travelling, rocking and rolling as well as using apparatus involving flight. 

Spring term involves Dance at the beginning of the year, moving in many ways and understanding the rhythm of music and how we can move our body to express ourselves. Spring Term 2 is focused around games again with the main theme being net games, such as netball or football which also has elements of the skills needed in invasion games.

As the Summer term begins this allows us to be outside and enjoying the outdoor summer sports therefore we focus on Athletics, Cricket and Tennis.

We are introducing 5 weeks of swimming for Year 2 in the summer term, this will focus on stroke enhancement but also the importance of water safety and the ability for children to be able to get out of danger should they need to. 


Forest School 

As well as PE twice a week children also access a whole session devoted to forest school activities using the school woodland resource and garden. It is important for children to learn about a healthy lifestyle as well as playing and competing in sport.