Wigton Infant School

Religious Education

At Wigton Infant School, we recognise and celebrate the growing diversity within our local community and beyond.  

Our enquiry-based Religious Education curriculum builds on children’s natural curiosity to explore a wide range of world views and religions with understanding and empathy and is based on the Cumbria Agreed Syllabus (see below).

We focus on building the skills and knowledge children need to become enquiring, informed and reflective learners, using direct experiences and learning through play to support these goals.  

Starting in Early Years and progressing through Key Stage 1, we build on key ideas and themes that are central to religious understanding, including community, belonging, similarities and differences. We revisit these key concepts to develop and deepen understanding.  

We use a wide variety of religious and non-religious stories, festivals, rituals and traditions to bring our curriculum to life.  

Our curriculum explores Christianity, Islam and other religions, recognising both common ground and diverse viewpoints with sensitivity. 

We use Philosophy For Children (P4C) approaches alongside our RE curriculum to explore powerful questions of meaning, led by children’s own interests and ideas. This encourages children to become critical thinkers and begin to develop their own views and opinions.  

Our approach to Religious Education is closely linked to our school’s overarching ethos, using our local links to build wider perspectives and global/cultural understanding. Our aim is to support children to develop social conscience and become lifelong learners, preparing them for life both in our own community and the wider world.  

 Cumbria Agreed Syllabus RE 2017.pdfDownload
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