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Our History Vision

At Wigton Infant School History fulfils the National Curriculum requirements and forms part of a broad and balanced curriculum. Curiosity is at the heart of our History curriculum and curiosity boxes are used at the beginning of each topic to collate the children’s individual queries and wonders. This, in turn means our History curriculum is individual to the children’s interests and wholly inquiry based. Teachers follow and regularly adapt a long-term plan to suit the individual needs of the children. The plan ensures lessons are coherent, sequenced and show rigorous progression. History lessons support the children to become successful historians and gain the knowledge and skills required to reach their full potential. History is like many of the National Curriculum subjects as it possesses many meaningful links to other subjects. Some of the KS1 half termly/ termly topics are history based, for example – The Great Fire of London, and many other history sessions are integrated into other topics.

History in the Early Years

Across our Early Years provisions, the children are taught to understand the world so they are able to make sense of their physical world and their community. The Early Learning Goals are taught through three main principles of playing and exploring, active learning and creating and thinking critically. The children’s main focus across the Early Years is based on ‘Past and Present’. They begin to ask questions and draw on their own experiences to identify the differences between things in the past and now. Through story-telling and listening to stories read in class the children begin to understand ‘the past’ through settings, characters and events within the stories.

History in KS1

Across KS1 History is taught using an inquiry based, learned centred approach. The curiosity of the children is taken into consideration before lesson planning and there is a focus on hands-on learning using artefacts, resources and the local community. We focus on the history of Wigton and how it differs to life now. Where appropriate, History is taught using a cross-curricular approach although discrete History lessons are still a part of our curriculum. In KS1, we learn about the lives of significant historical figures both worldwide and locally and identify the changes and impact they have had on life today. We visit local historical places such as Carlisle Castle and learn about significant historical events that have happened within our local area. Children learn about events both beyond living memory and within living memory, identifying the key features of the events and comparing life from the different periods to life now.

Key vocabulary is introduced from Nursery and built on throughout their time at Wigton Infant School. The key vocabulary is consistently drip-fed throughout lessons to ensure they develop the children’s long-term memory by allowing for repetition of learning year on year. P4C is continually threaded within our History curriculum, which, in turn allows the children to become critical and analytical with their thinking. We focus heavily on local History, meaning the children leave Wigton Infant School with a bank of knowledge based on the History of their local area.

Some examples of our curiosity boxes!

History in our locality

 We enjoy learning about people, places and events in our locality including...

  • The history of Wigton
  • Carlisle Castle (including Mary Queen of Scots)
  • Beatrix Potter
  • Thomas Henry Ismay (founder of the Titanic)

Take a look at some of our history focused trips we have been on!