Wigton Infant School

Design and Technology


Our intent for the teaching and learning of Design and Technology in Wigton Infant School is informed by our overall curriculum intent, the National Curriculum for Key Stage One and the Early Years Foundation Stage guidelines.  The children should continuously grow in their confidence and ability to explore materials and tools and design, make and evaluate.  Design and technology will give our children the opportunity to be creative in their approach to tasks and problem solving, express themselves in both discussing their ideas and through their creations, and develop critical skills through the evaluation of their own work and that of others.

From their earliest days in school the children are exposed to a range of materials and tools for them to play and experiment with both inside and, especially, outside.  Through independent and supported play and the use of natural materials, manufactured materials and construction kits children learn to test, experiment and create.

The implementation of the curriculum continues into Year One where they are introduced to more structured learning alongside continued opportunities to play freely with construction kits, cutting and making areas, the sand pit, and the endless natural resources available in the school grounds and at Forest School.

Timetabled sessions usually link to their topic, and while the children are given the freedom to explore their questions and ideas about the topic, the teacher ensures that they have design tasks that give them the opportunity to develop key knowledge and skills in Design and Technology (see skills progression below).