Wigton Infant School


It is no coincidence that our website’s home page is dominated by images of our school grounds; at Wigton Infant School we are passionate about outdoor learning.


Our Vision Statement

At Wigton Infant School we aim to teach Geography creatively. Teaching targets specific geographical skills and concepts which are embedded in cross-curricular lessons with meaningful contexts. Pupils learn in a variety of exciting, active and engaging ways. Through an enquiry based approach we aim to help pupils extend their awareness of, and develop an interest in, their immediate surroundings, local area and the wider world. We help them to recognise and investigate changes taking place in environments and how these changes affect people’s lives, including their own. We aim to introduce our pupils to key Geographical concepts/skills/vocabulary and in doing so encourage them to think about their own values, rights and responsibilities. In essence we aim to create learners who combine enthusiasm, curiosity, knowledge and skills to become confident young geographers and in time responsible global citizens.

The School Grounds

We have brilliant school grounds with lots of interesting things to look at and different areas to explore. The teachers often plan lessons in the school grounds such as orienteering, sound and number trails and map making. If you would like to take part in/help out with our outdoor curriculum then speak to your child’s class teacher and they will be happy to arrange a day and time.