Wigton Infant School

Pupil Premium

In 2019-20 we received £23,760 and in 2020-21 we will receive £13,450 of additional funding for disadvantaged children.  We use our pupil premium funding to support the wellbeing and learning of disadvantaged children in a variety of ways.

By following the links to the right you can see our strategy for allocating  pupil premium funding.

Senior staff are currently re-evaluating the way we use Pupil Premium funding with support from the WELL project and the Education Endowment Foundation.

Catch up funding

This year we will also be receiving approximately £16,000 in Catch Up funding to help children regain losses in learning during the Covid pandemic.   Following a period of acclimatisation to school and assessment in the first half-term, we have decided to spend the bulk of this on a part-time experienced teacher who will work with those children who most need it.


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