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At Wigton Infant School, we encourage children to be curious and ask questions. Our Science curriculum begins in our Foundation Stage and shows clear progression to Year 2, we ensure children have the foundations of scientific knowledge as they continue their journey to Junior School.

We aim to deliver fun, practical and engaging lessons that allow children to develop a healthy curiosity about our world. Children are involved in our lessons through investigations, discussions, questioning and observations. Children will develop communication and vocabulary skills during science lessons supporting their oracy skills.

We ensure that the Working Scientifically skills are developed throughout their time at Wigton Infant School allowing them to apply their scientific knowledge to explain different key concepts, make links, conduct experiments and use equipment effectively.


We use “real life” examples and opportunities in science, allowing children to have a hands on approach.

We build the profile of science through science week activities as well as through trips, visits and forest school sessions. These links help to build a natural curiosity and enthusiasm for science. We will use floor books to ensure science is a co-operative process, documenting the journey as a class while ensuring all children are involved and immersed in their learning. Conversation is key in science lessons, allowing children to discuss, explore and explain with their peers and teachers. The use of word walls ensure children develop relevant and usable vocabulary every lesson.

Teachers ensure formative assessment is ongoing and “in the moment” to redirect any misconceptions or misunderstandings during the lessons. This supports teachers to plan next steps for their lessons.


We will see children develop a passion and deep understanding of science and begin to link their conceptual understanding between different science topics as they progress. Children will be able to make real life links and understand the importance and relevance of science in every day life. Teachers will be able to check progression on an ongoing basis and ensure the future learning is targeted to the current level of knowledge and skill. Children will have good “sticky knowledge” and be well prepared for the range of scientific knowledge expected of them as they move into KS2.

Our science knowledge and skills progression is created based on the National Curriculum alongside additional skills that prepare children for their continuing journey through Primary School. Activities and skills may vary slightly depending on children's needs and our adaptable curriculum.