Wigton Infant School


Our Governors

The Governing Body of Wigton Infant School ensures high standards of achievement and care for all of our children and members of the school community by:-

  • setting the school's vision, ethos and strategic direction.

  • holding the Head Teacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils.

  • overseeing the financial performance of the school and ensuring its money is well spent.

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The Governing Body is made up of three committees; the Full Governing Body (FGB), on which all Governors sit, the Finance, Staffing and Health & Safety Committee (FSHS) and the Curriculum Committee(C).

 The Governors, with the Head Teacher and staff have set the school's vision of 'Building Firm Foundations in Learning, Laughter and Love' and the school's ethos.


Parent Governors: Parent Governors are elected by other parents of pupils registered at the school. They should be parents of pupils currently at the school but they may serve out their term of office if their child leaves.

Local Authority Governors: Authority Governors are appointed by the LA which maintains the school, in our case Cumbria.

Staff Governors: The Head Teacher of a school automatically becomes a Governor at the time of appointment. Other staff members are elected by and from the whole teaching and non-teaching staff. Staff Governors may not continue to be Governors if they cease to be employed by us.

Co-Opted Governor: Governors may be appointed to the Governing Body because of a particular skill set or experience that would be of interest to the effective running of the whole Governing Body. These Governors may be co-opted to the group.


These are our Governors, their role, terms of office and any pecuniary interests as recorded in the schools register of interests. 

Governor Name

Date of appointment

Re-election date due



Business Interests

 Mrs Elaine Lynch

08.11.17 07.11.21 Chair, Co-opted Governor FGB, FSHS, C School Governor at NTS, member of Wigton Town Council, member of Allerdale Borough Council, Station Joinery- husband's business, volunteer Oxfam.

Mr Geoff Norman

01.09.17 ex-officio Head Teacher FGB, FSHS, C None

Mrs Sara Dawson

11.09.20 10.09.24 Staff Governor FGB, C Family Support Worker at Cumbria Family Support


    Parent Governor

Mr Chris Scott

 09.07.19 08.07.23

Co-opted Governor

Safeguarding, Child Protection, LAC & Pupil Premium

FGB, FSHS, C Member of Wigton Town Council & Wigton Emergency Response Group

Mrs Emma Budworth

04.10.19 03.10.23

Parent Governor


FGB, C None

Mrs Katie Rudd

30.10.19 29.10.23

Parent Governor

Link Governor

Special Educational Needs

FGB, FSHS, C FOWIS- secretary


LA Governor
Vacancy Co-opted Governor

Mr Jonathan Marshall

07.05.19 06.05.23 Co-opted Governor FGB, FSHS, C None