Wigton Infant School

Welcome to Nursery!


In Nursery we are focused on learning through play and exploring the world around us, we have a well resourced classroom and an extensive outdoor space to explore and discover many learning opportunities.

The Nursery team:

Miss Jones- Class teacher

Mrs Gatherer- Teaching Assistant

Miss Bonner- Teaching Assistant

Miss Gill- Teaching Assistant

Mrs Coulthard- PPA Cover teacher (Thursdays)

Summer 2-WEEK 1 & 2 (7th -18th June 2021)

This half term we are focusing on Under the Sea and these past two weeks we have had a pirate focus. The children have been using positional language to find pirate treasure, using junk items and lego to make their own pirate ships, learning lots of Pirate terminology through a range of stories and even completing some Pirate maths. 

We had a message in a bottle from a Pirate who promised us treasure if we completed lots of pirate tasks. At the end of the week we searched for the treasure following clues and found some lovely treats.

Summer 1-WEEK 3 & 4 (4th -14th May 2021)

We have continued to look at different Superhero stories and we have enjoyed reading "Superworm" and exploring everything to do with worms. We looked closely at worms we found outside and made some wormeries, as well as using spaghetti to pretend it was wiggly worms.

The next week we started to think about Real life superheroes who might help us in our community. We have loved dressing up as police officers, fire fighters and doctors and role playing lots of scenarios. We talked about lots of different people who help us and how they help us, we even had a go at keeping some teeth  clean and finding out more about different emergency vehicles.

Summer 1-WEEK 1 & 2 (19th -30th April 2021)

Our topic this half term is SUPERHEROES! The children have enjoyed discussing different superhero powers, exploring the best material to make a cape and creating their own capes. We have also been visited by Supertato and the Evil Pea and created traps to catch the pea. We also had fun making our own supertato and exploring different peas in our tuff tray.

Spring 2- 8th -19th March 2021

It has been fantastic welcoming back all our Nursery children these past two weeks. We have been so impressed with how well they have settled back into Nursery routines, learning and play. 

We have been looking at growth and planted our own bean plants after reading Jack and the Beanstalk. We also tried some Talk4Writing techniques and followed a story map to retell the story of Jack and the beanstalk.

We have also had some fantastic forest school sessions- climbing trees, swinging in hammocks, weaving sticks and hunting for minibeasts.


Autumn 2-WEEK 5 & 6 (30th November-11th December 2020)

This fortnight we've focused on Christmas! We have lots of very excited children in Nursery and we have loved hearing about their decorations, present wish lists and Elf on the shelves. 

During these weeks we have listened to the Nativity story and recalled characters and key events from the story, we also talked about what gift we might bring the Baby Jesus. 

We also made lots of Christmas crafts and many children used a range of resources to create some original pieces of work. 

We have looked at wrapping paper patterns and had a go at making our own designs and used salt dough to make some beautiful tree decorations. Mrs Gatherer has also been helping us make some tasty Christmas treats.

Next week we are looking forward to our Christmas party and more glittery Christmas craft activities. 

Autumn 2-WEEK 4 (23rd-27th November 2020)

Light and Dark was our topic this week. We read "Owl Babies" and "Wow! said the owl at night time" and discussed animals that come out at night and learnt a new word- "nocturnal".

We re-enacted the Owl babies story using our outdoor tuff tray and during our forest school session we made our own owl baby nests using sticks and leaves. 

We had great fun using torches and glow sticks in our dark den and explored shadows on Friday, with some of the class making some fabulous shadow puppets for our theatre.

Next week we will be beginning our Christmas focus and having lots of craft opportunities throughout the week.

Autumn 2-WEEK 3 (16th-20th November 2020)

World Nursery Rhyme was our focus this week with a different nursery rhyme focus each day!

On Monday we sang Wheels on the Bus and created a bus to help us with our counting, as well as making our own junk model buses. We even did some Wheels on the Bus movement and yoga!

Tuesday our focus song was 5 Little Speckled Frogs and we talked about the lifecycle of a frog and made a story map to act out- the children remembered the facts super quickly! 

Wednesday we had Hickory Dickory Dock as our song and we sorted activities we did in the morning and at night as well as making some of our craft clocks. 

On Thursday Miss Polly Had a Dolly was the Nursery Rhyme of choice and we role played doctors and talked about different items we may find in a doctor's bag and what they are used for.

Finally, on Friday we focused on Old McDonald Had a Farm and talked about what different animals give us (such as milk, eggs and wool) and played with farm animals in small world and also washed some muddy animals in the water tray. 


We also had our first Wednesday afternoon forest school/ welly walk and we went puddle jumping and got very wet and muddy but had a lot of fun!

Autumn 2-WEEK 2 (9th-13th November 2020)

This week we celebrated the Hindu festival of lights- Diwali. We read the story of Rama and Sita and some children created their own pictures from the story. We also made diya lamps, explored rangoli patterns and created mehendi patterns using cotton buds and paint. On Thursday some children tried some poppadums and traditional Indian dips.

This week we also marked Remembrance day, the children impressed us by sitting quietly for a minute and listened carefully to Mrs Gatherer tell us about her husband's experiences in the army. Our windows have been decorated with lots of poppies and the class also practised their cutting skills to cut petals on a paper poppy.

On Friday we talked about Children in Need and we also made bird and squirrel feeders during our forest school session. 

Our welly walks/ forest school sessions will now take place on Wednesday afternoons so please ensure wellies are in school that day.

Next week is World Nursery Rhyme Week and we will be exploring a different Nursery Rhyme each day!

Autumn 2-WEEK 1 (2nd-6th November 2020)

It was lovely to see all the children back this week after a restful half term. We spent this week talking about bonfire night and fireworks. We also looked at hedgehogs and learnt about 'hibernation', as well as how to ensure hedgehogs are kept safe. 

We made pinecone hedgehogs hedgehog bread and clay hedgehogs and the class loved using a range of media. 

We also explored colours linked to fireworks in the creative areas making chalk firework pictures, getting messy in the tuff tray with paint and painting our own firework pictures. 

We have also introduced our "Number of the week" and this week it was number 1.

Next week we will be celebrating Diwali and Remembrance Day and have lots of fun activities planned.

Reminder: Next week we have our first parent evenings so please ensure you return your form to let us know if you want your meeting this week or next.

WEEK 8 (19th-23rd October 2020)

With Halloween just around the corner, this week in Nursery we had lots of spooky Halloween activities. We read Room on the Broom and used our maths skills to count in items for a magic potion. We explored gloop in the tuff tray which was a big hit with the children... just a little bit messy! 

We dressed up in our best spooky costumes for our Halloween party. We made chocolate witches hats, skeleton pictures, explored items in the jelly and even had time for some dancing and party games. Miss Jones made our snack Halloween themed too with ghostly bananas and pumpkin tangerines.

For our welly walk we made our own broomsticks out of sticks and leaves. 

Have a happy half term break!

WEEK 7 (12th-16th October 2020)

Pumpkins were the main focus of our learning this week. It was fantastic to see how engaged the children were throughout the week with this topic, developing lots of skills just with the help of pumpkins.

We explored what was inside the pumpkins, went on a pumpkin hunt and sorted the pumpkins we found by size. The class also enjoyed setting up our own pumpkin shop, allowing them to clean, weigh and sell them to their friends. On Wednesday we picked our own pumpkin and made some delicious pumpkin soup which most of the class really enjoyed tasting. 

On our welly walk this week we made our own pumpkin volcanos and learnt the word "eruption".

A very busy and fun filled week!



Wednesday is our Halloween party! If your child attends on Wednesdays they can come to Nursery in fancy dress. If your child does not attend on Wednesdays, we will be doing other Halloween activities during the week so they won't miss out on all the fun.

WEEK 6 (5th-9th October 2020)

Our story this week was "Leaf Man" so our activities this week were based around leaves and also the Autumn changes.

We made some leaf pictures, as well as going on a leaf hunt to see what different types of leaf we could find and try and sort them. The class enjoyed printing with leaves and making leaf crowns.

On Thursday, the class made sandwiches for their snack helping them to understand how to follow instructions and to make a healthy meal.


We have had a few jumpers misplaced, can we please remind parents to put names in all items of clothing coming into school so we can ensure the correct items come home. Thank you :)

WEEK 5 (28th September-2nd October 2020)

We were lucky on Monday to have use of the forest school all morning, and we even enjoyed our morning snack there. Mrs McGregor came over to show us lots of things we could do in the forest. The class listened and joined in brilliantly.

We read a book called "Colour Monster" this week and we talked about our emotions and what makes us happy, sad, angry and scared. We created some of our own emotion jars to represent our feelings.

The children also impressed us this week as we looked at shapes and went to look for some shapes in the classroom, they found circles, squares, rectangles and triangles all over the Nursery!

WEEK 4 (21st-25th September 2020)

This week we have continued finding out more about the children in class. We talked about who was in our family and drew pictures of them for our display. We have been singing lots of Nursery Rhymes this week and it has been fantastic seeing the children grow in confidence and begin to join in more and more with these. 

Many children showed an interest in making necklaces, so we set about painting pasta for threading onto necklaces next week. 

We also had a welly rack delivered but it had no poles in it, so the children helped put these in carefully using a mallet and following safety instructions brilliantly.

We have begun some early phonics sessions with our preschool children, and they have really impressed us with their excellent listening skills- we have been on a listening walk and explored sounds we can make indoors and outdoors by drumming on different items.

On Friday, we received a letter from the woodland fairies saying they'd left some pictures in the woods and asking for the children to make some pictures of themselves to say "hello". The creativity that the children displayed was fantastic. 

WEEK 3 (14th-18th September 2020)

This week we began our key person "chatty times" where we shared our "all about me" bags, it was lovely hearing all about the children's favourite things. 

Some children had a go at making a picture of their face, looking carefully at eye and hair colour. 

Outside we set up a car garage and the children enjoyed pretending to fix the cars using real tools, as well as trying to create our own obstacle courses.

On our welly walk this week, we used the children's interest in creating potions and went to the woods to collect some exciting ingredients to make our magic potions, we added some herbs and spices and lemons and limes and talked about what our potions would do- we had everything from turning people into frogs, to making people happy. 

We now have access to tapestry and will be beginning to upload observations over the next week so keep checking the Tapestry app. 

WEEK 2 (7th-11th September 2020)

We have had a fantastic week in Nursery and the children are settling well and enjoying exploring the classroom. 

This week we have explored colour mixing with handprint painting, made our own playdough, written some stories together, played in our HUGE play tunnel and spotted minibeasts on our (very wet) welly walk!
Next week we will be spending our key person time talking about our "All about me" bags and getting to know the class and their interests a little better.

We are looking forward to a fun packed year as part of Wigton Infant School.

The Nursery classroom is ready and we are excited to be welcoming children back this week.

Here is a sneak peak of the new layout...

Our new starters will have received our "Welcome to Nursery" booklet. This includes information on what to bring to Nursery, Nursery hours, what learning might look like in Nursery and lots of other important information.