Wigton Infant School

What do we mean by "Our Curriculum"

"Our curriculum" means everything that the children experience at Wigton Infant School, and we always strive to ensure that this can be best summed up in the words "Learning, Laughter and Love"

We plan our curriculum to meet the requirements of the English National Primary Curriculum for Year One and Two, and the Early Years Foundation Stage for Nursery and Reception, both of which can be found by following the links below.  This is only part of the story though, and our teaching and topics include other activities, skills and areas of knowledge which we think are important for the children of Wigton.

We use a topic based approach which is planned to ensure progression in knowledge and skills but also allows flexibility for teachers to respond to the children's interests and enthusiasms.  We try to start from the children's experience and what they already know and link this to a rich curriculum of teaching and experiences which prepares them for their next steps in life and education.  We collaborate regularly with Thomlinson Junior School to ensure that the children have a positive transition into their next school and that their teachers know them even before they arrive!  Further information about our topics and subject teaching can be found below and by following the Subjects tab under the "Curriculum" tab above.

To develop early reading skills the school uses ReadWriteInc., and our teaching of maths is based on the mastery approach.  We believe our focus on outdoor learning is unique.  We use our Forest School and Beach School practitioners to provide the children with regular opportunities to play and learn in outdoor environments and we use Nature Journaling to develop curiosity, a connection to nature, and thinking, observation and recording skills. 

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Personal, Social and Health Education/Social, Moral, Spirtual and Cultural/Global Learning

Our children access these key areas of our curriculum in a variety of ways.  Sometimes they are taught as discreet lessons or subjects (as in some of our PSHE work) but more importantly they exist as key threads throughout the children's experience of school including the school ethos and values, the role model provided by all adults in school, expectations of behaviour, assemblies, visits and visitors and the prioritisation of wellbeing, including the support given to individual children.  The whole school plan below guides our assemblies and provides a framework for the learning objectives which we address in school.  Whole school events provide a key element of learning in these areas and can be viewed under "Curriculum Events".


 School overview for PSHE, SMSC and Global Learning.docxDownload
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Topic Webs 

Every half-term the teacher plans their teaching around a specific topic.  The topic webs and knowledge organisers that we use can be found below:

Reception Topic Webs:


 Topic Web Autumn 1.pdfDownload
 Topic Web Autumn 2.pdfDownload
 Topic Web Spring 1.pdfDownload
 Topic Web Spring 2.pdfDownload
 Topic Web Summer 1.pdfDownload
 Topic Web Summer 2.pdfDownload
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Year One Topic Webs

 Dinosaurs A1.pubDownload
 Where We Live A2.pubDownload
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Year One Knowledge Organisers

 dinosaur knowledge organiser.docxDownload
 Explorers knowledge organiser Spring 1.docxDownload
 Gardeners world knowledge organiser (1).docxDownload
 Important people knowledge organiser Spring 2.docxDownload
 seaside knowledge organiser (1).docxDownload
 Where we live knowledge organiser.docxDownload
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Year Two Topic Webs

 Y2 Topic Web Autumn 1 - Made in Cumbria.pubDownload
 Y2 Topic Web Autumn 2 - Fire!.pubDownload
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Year Two Knowledge Organisers

 A1 Made in Cumbria.pubDownload
 A2 Fire. The Great Fire of London.pubDownload
 S1 Nature's Treasures.pubDownload
 S2 Land Ahoy.pubDownload
 SP1 Hot and Cold.pubDownload
 SP2 Towers, Tunnels, Turrets.pubDownload
 Sum2 land ahoy.pubDownload
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