Wigton Infant School

Welcome to Miss Parry's and Mrs Coulthard/Miss Jones' Year 1 Class page.

Autumn 2- Week 6

 This week the school have had Design and Technology focus week.On Tuesday we had a Christmas themed DT morning, the children went to different classrooms during the morning and created some interesting and spectacular Christmas crafts.

Autumn 2- Week 5

We have been using the Talk for Writing approach in our English this half term. Our book focus has been the Three Little Pigs. We started by learning the original story using actions and we have then made our own versions by changing the the big bad wolf in the story. The children have come up with some fantastic ideas! Well done year 1!!

Autumn 2- Week 4

This week Miss Parry's class went to the Laurel's Farm. The children really enjoyed their morning and got to feed calves and watch some cows being milked!

Autumn 2- Week 3

On Tuesday we went on a walk around Wigton! We looked at significant places in Wigton and had a guided tour down the high street! We also had a visit to the library and chose a book to take home with us.

Autumn 2- Week 2

This week we have been learning about all about why we celebrate Bonfire Night. We have learned about who Guy Fawkes was and the Gunpowder plot! We have also made some firework pictures using a salad spinner! They look very effective! 


Autumn 2- Week 1

This week we started a new topic 'Where We Live'. We talked about the planet we live on, the country we live in and the town we live in! We looked on a map to see where we live too!

Autumn 1- Week 7

This week we have all adopted a reading pet! We had to sign a letter to promise we would read to our pet for 10 minutes EVERY day. We also got to choose our pet and give it a name.

Autumn 1- Week 6

On Monday everyone in school went to St. Mary's church to celebrate Harvest Festival. We really enjoyed singing our song Mr Scarecrow!!

Autumn 1- Week 5

This week in English our SPAG focus has been finger spaces. For every finger space we made we got a piece of cereal as a treat!! 

Autumn 1- Week 4

 On Tuesday Year 1 went to the Great North Hancock Museum in Newcastle to see 'Dippy on Tour'!! We all had a fantastic day and the children loved finding out all about Dippy!!

Autumn Term 1- Week 3

On Thursday we went to the Nelson Thomlinson School Athletics Festival!! The children enjoyed a fun and active morning and tried their best at all the activities. Well done year 1!

Autumn Term 1- Week 2- Roald Dahl

This week in class we have been celebrating the life and work of Roald Dahl.

 We read 'The Enormous Crocodile' and thought of some very imaginative tricks to catch the children!


Autumn Term 1- Week 1

This half term we will be learning all about dinosaurs. The children have been exploring our new classrooms and have lots of fun in our role play dinosaur museum and dinosaur dig. The children have all created their own dinosaur pictures and we had fun exploring some exciting dinosaur fossils. 

Summer Term 2- Week 7

We hope all the children have a fantastic summer holiday and look forward to seeing them in school in September as grown up Year 2's!!! We are also sadly saying goodbye to Miss Burton who has worked at Wigton Infants for 19 years!! She will be a great miss to both adults and children in the school but we hope she enjoys her retirement!! 

Summer Term 2 - Week 6

On Friday we enjoyed our whole school sports day!! The sun shone and everyone had lots of fun!! All the children worked as a team and made us all super proud!! Well done Year 1!!

Summer Term 2- Week 5

This week in class we have been writing our own seaside poetry! We have written poems which include repetitive language and we have also written acrostic poems! We will be reading some of our poems in the summer concert in a few weeks!

Summer Term 2- Week 4

On Thursday Year 1 children took part in the Nelson Thomlinson School Athletics Festival! The sun shone and we all had lots of fun!

Summer Term 2- Week 3

 On Monday Year 1  went to visit the RNLI Lifeboat Station at Silloth. The lifeboat crew told us lots of interesting and important facts about staying safe at the seaside and we even got to sit on the lifeboat! 

Summer Term- Week 2

This half term our topic is 'The Seaside'. This week we have been comparing what the seaside is like now and in the past. The children have really enjoyed weaving their own beach mats and creating their own seaside pictures in their computing sessions.

Summer Term 2- Week 1

On Tuesday the year 1 children took part in a phonics boot camp!! The children had lots of fun and completed the challenges throughout the day using their expert phonic knowledge! Well done to all our phonic champions!!!

Summer Term 1- Week 6

 This week we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes with Miss Bendle and Miss Van Rotterdam. We went on a shape hunt in the school grounds and we also had a go at making our own 3D shapes using shape nets.

Summer Term 1- Week 5

 The sun was shining and we had lots of fun at forest school this week!

Summer Term 1- Week 4

This week in maths we have been learning about halving a shape or object. We made fruit kebabs by halving the fruit and putting it onto the stick. We then tasted the fruit to see if we liked it!!

Summer Term 1- Week 3

 In science this week we have been looking at what a plant needs to grow. We have made our own greenhouses and put them up in the classroom window and we are observing them for changes everyday!

Summer Term 1- Week 2

This half term it is our turn again for forest schools. Both year 1 classes are having their sessions on a Thursday this half term. This week we had lots of fun making journey sticks and guiding our friends safely who were blindfolded!!

Summer Term 1- Week 1

This week we have had an Easter theme in class. The children have been retelling the Easter story and have been making some Easter crafts. We were also very impressed with all of the decorate an egg competition entries!!!

Spring Term 2- Week 5

Children in year 1 have weekly yoga and meditation sessions. This is a time in school for children to slow down and become aware of their own thoughts. This increases their awareness and will help them expand their ability to master their own emotions. This makes it easier to stay balanced and focused throughout the day.

Spring Term 2- Week 4

This week we had some ice trolls that came to visit!! The ice trolls live in the deep caves of Antartica. However there was a problem!! It wasn't cold enough in the UK for the ice trolls they  LOVE freezing cold!! In class we thought of ways we could keep the ice trolls cold and we decided to design coats made out of different materials. We then tested the materials to see which would keep the ice trolls the coldest.

Spring Term 2- Week 3

Continuing our space topic this week we have been learning about constellations. We looked together at some of the different constellations and we used oil pastels to recreate our own!

Spring Term 2- Week 2

We had an exciting start to the week on Monday as Dave from Auriga Astronomy visited school with his Planetarium. The children were amazed and loved listening about all the different planets and stars.

Spring Term 2- Week 1

On Thursday afternoon we went to work with Apple class to do our art journaling. We really enjoyed working together with the year 2 children and everyone drew some very detailed drawings of the ash tree twigs.

Spring Term 1- Week 6

This week we received a letter from Mr Wolf! He said he was really sorry for blowing down the Three Little Pigs houses. We decided to ask him some questions to find out more and we wrote these down. When we had all gone home he came into school to be interviewed by Ms Burton! We watched the interview back the next day and decided maybe Mr Wolf has been misunderstood and all he really wanted was some friends!

Spring Term 1- Week 5- Safer Internet Day

Tuesday 5th February was 'Safer Internet Day 2019'. We shared Chicken Clicking- an internet safety picture book. We also had a circle time where we discussed information about us that we would share or keep safe.

Spring Term 1- Week 4

 On Thursday this week the children took part in 'Number Day 2019' in aid of the NSPCC. The children came to school wearing an item of clothing with a number on. All the children enjoyed taking part in our number game afternoon.

Spring Term 1- Week 3

This half term is our turn for forest school. This week Mr Norman showed us how to use the Kelly Kettle. We then made hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows. They were delicious!!!

Spring Term 1- Week 2

On Wednesday we became police inspectors! DC Dalgleish and DCI Parry had some evidence from a crime that needed to be solved. We talked about what police officers do and what a police report is. Then the children had to investigate each piece of evidence to see if they could solve the crime and identify a suspect! The children really enjoyed developing their curiosity and  using their investigative skills! The evidence included: a broken chair, a bed sheet, an empty porridge bowl and a spoon with porridge on it...Can you identify the suspect by looking at the evidence below?!

Spring Term1- Week 1

This week we became storytellers! We have been reading the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We have made our own story maps and added actions to help us retell the story. On Friday we then wrote the story using our story maps to help us. Mrs Dalgleish and Miss Parry were so impressed with how much detail the children included in their stories!


Autumn Term 2- Week 7 and 8

The last 2 weeks at school before the Christmas holidays have been filled with Christmas concerts, Christmas craft days and Christmas Parties!

We have also had a special visitor in school... Santa! Every Child got to meet Santa and he gave everyone an early Christmas present!

We wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Lots of love,

Miss Parry, Mrs Dalgleish, Ms Burton and Mrs Hill xxx



Autumn Term 2- Week 6

This week a special visitor from the North Pole arrived in class! His name is Buddy and he loves watching all the interesting and exciting things we have been doing in school. At night he goes back to the North Pole to report the good choices we have made back to Santa!

Autumn Term 2- Week 5

This half term we have been learning about nocturnal animals. This week we have made our own information booklets and created a nocturnal animal puppet.


Autumn Term 2- Week 4

We have been learning all about The Great Fire of London.  We have found out about who Samuel Pepys was and all about the diary he wrote. We have also discussed why and how the fire started and we compared the materials we built houses out of then and what we build them out of now. We made our very own Tudor houses and we even recreated the Fire of London with our model houses!

Autumn Term 2- Week 3

On Friday we had a Pudsey day to show our support for Children in Need. We talked about things we have at school and home that we take for granted and everyone made a Pudsey hat!

Autumn Term 2- Week 2

 This week we have been learning about Remembrance. We have made our own version of the Weeping Window poppy sculptures that were at Carlisle Castle earlier this year.